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from 1 to 1

years old

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What is Jump Heaven?

It’s a place where fun takes flight, we offer a variety of attractions for all ages from little adventurers to daredevil adults, you can jump in total freedom with the free jump, challenge yourself with an adrenaline-fueled course in the Ninja Warrior, jump towards the basket and show off your skills in the Basketball, challenge friends to an epic duel on the balance beam, younger children will have a safe area in the Playground.

Our park also offers a cozy bar with drinks and snacks, a party room for celebrating special events, and ample private parking.

Also to ensure maximum comfort throughout the year, the park is air-conditioned offering a pleasant and cool environment even on the hottest days, come visit us and have an unforgettable experience full of adventures and smiles.

What we offer:


Team Games

Opportunity to organize team games, contests or competitions in our many attractions

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Free Jumping

Unleash your spirit with free jumping! Explore the endless possibilities of stunts and dives in an area dedicated only to pure fun

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Private Events

Plan your next unforgettable party or event

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